Electric Vehicles: Huge Energy Storage Opportunities in Buses and Trucks

In this webinar you learn that the real situation is very different from that popularly reported.
Buses and trucks are essentially one business and their electric versions create energy storage demand rivalling and later exceeding that of cars. The Chinese are climbing up the league table of EV manufacturers by grasping this fully. No. It is not all about batteries either. Though lithium-ion will dominate over the next decade, there are already large supercapacitor pure electric buses in fleets in six countries. Certain hybrid buses use supercapacitors instead of batteries and the fast-growing 48V mild hybrid sector is moving that way. Learn why and what comes next including the lithium-ion battery reinvented, fuel cell versions always with a battery or supercapacitor and the risks being taken with some technologies. Post lithium-ion batteries are lagging in the marketplace. Why? Here is the future based on global facts-based analysis by IDTechEx PhD level researchers who travel intensively.
Dr Peter Harrop